May 2012 to September 2013 progressMy Personal Journey

In May of 2012 I was so excited to be receiving my CPA license. My sister & I went shopping for the perfect clothes for the swearing in ceremony. I thought I had found it, until I saw the pictures.  They say a picture says a thousand words, I couldn’t agree more.

Studying for the CPA exam, working full time, raising three children and growing a baby had taken its toll and the pictures were proof.  My swearing in ceremony is one I will never have again and I wanted pictures to be able to post proudly of that moment. When my father-in-law gave me the pictures, I hid them as best I could in my computer. This was the turning point for me. If I didn’t make a change soon, would I ever lose the weight and be confident again?

 In November of 2012 I started working out at home with a free online service but they were adding equipment I didn’t own nor do I have room in my house for the equipment. I made some great progress with this free service but needed more structure and consistency for my workouts to really yield results.  While studying for the CPA exam I met many wonderful friends on twitter.
 My friend was posting daily about her Insanity workouts on her personal blog. She always looked like she was having SO much fun. She would also post her test results, which I thought was amazing. Not only was she having a blast doing a workout at home but she was also tracking her progress.  This was a workout I wanted to do! I purchased Insanity and got to work. Actually, both my husband & I got to work. We would wake up an hour before the kids would wake up to workout. We were spending time together working on our health and fitness goals. To top it off, we didn’t need any equipment.
As time passed, progress became evident to us and to those around us. Our kids sometimes jump into the workouts with us, or just give us a hard time when we don’t workout. They also have begun to think about the things they eat. They are normal kids and love the sugary good stuff that abounds but know to keep those choices in moderation.
In March of 2014 I decided to step outside of my comfort zone and become certified to teach PiYo live. PiYo is such IMG_4090
an amazing workout that is low impact but high intensity. It is a bare foot boot camp set to music. I taught my first live class in December 2014 and absolutely LOVED it!
In May 2015 I took my PiYo learning to a whole new level and joined Michele Park’s PiYo project. Michele Park is the format expert for PiYo and helps create the choreography for the live classes. This was a six week online course with 25 other PiYo instructors as well and Master Trainers from across the country. This was the first time Michele had ever done something like this and it changed my life for the better! Michele is my mentor and my friend.
IMG_4459I am now teaching PiYo three times a week! I am at The Light at Mission Viejo, Keller Williams Realty and AnyTime Fitness. Being a part of the students lives, leading them in a workout that is fun and uplifting is priceless.
I am looking forward to all that the future has in store for me and you. I am here to help you on your journey, sign up for my email list so we can work together.